Funky Frankwell is Alive!

Funky Frankwell is alive!!

This site has been built with the support of businesses in Frankwell who have felt that the district had been overlooked in the flood of promotional materials about central Shrewsbury. In fact Frankwell is far more interesting than the town centre! For a start, we are entirely independent – that means no Starbucks, no McDonalds, no Domino’s. We have our own coffee shops, superb cocktail bars, funky cafes, cracking creative businesses and three of the best restaurants in Shrewsbury!

Quietly, this site represents a first. We’ve used virtual reality techniques to make the locations come alive. You can view the Virtual Tours for each location on your Phone, Tablet, Desktop – or VR Headset! There are two types of headset, those that use your phone, all of which are compatible with the site (we favour the Homido Headset) and standalone high end headsets such as the astounding Oculus Go (worth mentioning that Oculus Go works with Facebook Panoramas too). If you haven’t tried this, do – its a whole new world! You’ll also be able to hear Chris talk about our use of VR on the Jim Hawkins Show – BBC Radio Shropshire if you tune in this morning around 11am.

We’ll be creating a lot more of these virtual experiences, so keep an eye out for the Flower Show in a couple of weeks time!

We will be taking on new sponsors so that we can build on this first step – more social media, more posts, more video and more virtual reality. The overarching aim is to promote Frankwell and the people that live and work here. We’ll be posting articles about various independent businesses that catch our eye – go out on delivery with La Bonne Parisienne in 360° Video, watch our stellar chefs cooking up a storm. We’ll take you to events, parties, venues and out and about – we have walking trails, the amazing Doctor’s Fields and of course, the River Severn. One thing we can promise, it’ll be an interesting ride!

If you’re interested in being featured on the Funky Frankwell site do get in touch, we can whip up a stunning web page and we can guarantee traffic. Talk to Chris at

Funky Frankwell is alive. See you inside!

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