Free Digital Marketing for Frankwell

Free Digital Marketing for Frankwell

At Helter Skelter Studios, we’ve been wracking our brains as to what we can offer our local community in these troubled times. We came up with a name – Help in the Time of Corona, We looked on the internet for inspiration and came up with a few ideas..

1. Nude self portraits tutorial …. hmm REJECT
2. Cat and Dog portrait tutorial… not really our thing REJECT
3. Free portrait photography… self defeating and not our thing anyway.. REJECT
4. Recipe Videos.. hmm MAYBE – as long as their Viv’s recipes and not mine 🤣
5. Video Diary… we’re not that interesting – REJECT

So we’re not planning on offering anything to do with video or photography pro bono – unless somebody comes up with a compelling idea.


Help in the time of Corona..

We have, with slightly less than perfect timing, been working on a new offering in the area of Digital Marketing because we spent significant amounts of time doing that last year – (Funky Frankwell and a couple of much larger clients in Shropshire). We’re launching a new web site for this service on April 1st. Why not, we’ve had floods and plague so bring it on.

Helter Skelter Media Ltd are Google certified (for Google Ads) and we’ve worked in and around the web design industry for twenty five years designing and building sites for clients as diverse as the University of North London (School of Computing), Orange, Birkenstock, de Beers (diamonds really are forever). We know what we’re talking about so we may be in a position to offer something of real value to the community after all.

We know there are numbers of small businesses and organisations in the Frankwell Area who are in all probability sitting at home wondering how to make sense of Web Sites, Google and Facebook advertising. Which, Why and in what order? So…

If you are Frankwell based and self isolating, we are offering free access to Digital Marketing Advice via Zoom (teleconferencing software that we host). First call will be 40 minutes. For as long as people are self isolating all advice will be free. No catches, no tie ins. Free.

If you’re interested – mail us at

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with some suggested time slots for a chat.

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