Grace Currie’s Town Centre Takeover

Grace Currie's Town Centre Takeover

Frankwell’s Helter Skelter Studios have been working with Shropshire Artist Grace Currie for nearly a year now, building her web site, adding a Shopify e-commerce store and last week, shooting a video entitled Grace Currie’s Town Centre Takeover to celebrate her involvement with the Great Big Art Exhibition.

The event has been covered by Shropshire Live and the Shropshire Star

For those who haven’t come across Grace’s uniquely vibrant art, there is a backstory that tells of an extraordinary struggle against the odds to not merely survive, but to gain a First Class degree in Fine Art last summer.

11 years ago, Grace was hit by a car as she got off a bus. She was a bright student hoping to study psychology at University. She was revived three times on the pavement and the medics said that she would not survive the ambulance journey to hospital. She did survive, not only the trip to hospital but a series of operations removing part of her skull. The official prognosis was that she would need 24 hour care for the rest of her life and would not regain full cognitive function.

She was in hospital for a year and has had to deal with what was in her words “waking up in a different person”. She has rebuild her life with the help of family and friends and is now a full time artist. Her collection of jewellery put online before Xmas raised several hundred pounds for a Shropshire Refugee Charity.

If you haven’t seen the exhibition, take a walk over the Welsh Bridge, up to Shoplatch, it will hand for at least a month, possibly longer. The paintings are of friends and family, painters from memory, impressions of relationships conducted via Zoom and FaceTime during lockdown. It will bring a smile to your face.