The Old and the New


We Frankwellians have a few things in common with our predecessors. The spirit of rebellion and forging an independent path is in our DNA.Many years ago Shrewsbury townsfolk nicknamed us “The Little Borough” or “Little Brother” to the towns centre’s “Big Brother”. We say ‘less of the ‘little’ – what we are is a distinct and separate neighbourhood with our own unique Funky Frankwell vibe and history.

Did you know:

  • In the 1500’s a handful of rebellious traders refused to pay extortionate tithes to the Earl of Shrewsbury for the right to trade within the castle walls and instead set up shop on the other side of the River Severn. It was christened Frankville, literally “Freetown” – a place of free trade that marked the start of a enterprising culture that continues to this day..


  • Flooding used to blight the area – with the River Severn regularly bursting its banks and causing merry hell and misery for local shop-keepers. Finally in 2003 flood defences were built and Frankwellians breathed a massive collective sigh of relief!


  • The old makes way for the new.. Just over the Welsh bridge used to be Frankwell Forge – a small, busy industrial area. It only closed in 2004 to make way for the towns prestigious Theatre Severn, followed a few years later by the town’s University HQ’s.


Many thanks to Colin Keates for providing the archive images on this page