Grace Currie’s Town Centre Takeover

Grace Currie's Town Centre Takeover

Frankwell’s Helter Skelter Studios have been working with Shropshire Artist Grace Currie for nearly a year now, building her web site, adding a Shopify e-commerce store and last week, shooting a video entitled Grace Currie’s Town Centre Takeover to celebrate her involvement with the Great Big Art Exhibition.

The event has been covered by Shropshire Live and the Shropshire Star

For those who haven’t come across Grace’s uniquely vibrant art, there is a backstory that tells of an extraordinary struggle against the odds to not merely survive, but to gain a First Class degree in Fine Art last summer.

11 years ago, Grace was hit by a car as she got off a bus. She was a bright student hoping to study psychology at University. She was revived three times on the pavement and the medics said that she would not survive the ambulance journey to hospital. She did survive, not only the trip to hospital but a series of operations removing part of her skull. The official prognosis was that she would need 24 hour care for the rest of her life and would not regain full cognitive function.

She was in hospital for a year and has had to deal with what was in her words “waking up in a different person”. She has rebuild her life with the help of family and friends and is now a full time artist. Her collection of jewellery put online before Xmas raised several hundred pounds for a Shropshire Refugee Charity.

If you haven’t seen the exhibition, take a walk over the Welsh Bridge, up to Shoplatch, it will hand for at least a month, possibly longer. The paintings are of friends and family, painters from memory, impressions of relationships conducted via Zoom and FaceTime during lockdown. It will bring a smile to your face.

Little Explorers

little explorers

Little Explorers

????????????Exciting Announcement????????????

Little Explorers is moving to new premises in Frankwell. We are hoping to open September 1st 2020.

We are going to be offering

???? Open from 7.30am to 6pm.
????Before School Care
????After School Care
????Pre-School Sessions (Like we do now)
????Holiday Club during all school holidays
???? Walking bus to Explorers from school and return.

Caring for children from 0 to year 6.

We will still be offering the same outstanding service for our children which includes

???? Attingham Park visits
???? Visiting our friends at Radbrook Care home
???? French
???? Music minors
???? Out and about in our Explorers bus
???? Outings within the local community

Open day to be planned for the end of August 2020.

We are still in the planning stages. If you would like to book your child into Little Explorers, please email

Virtual Shrewsbury Flower Show 14th & 15th August 2020

Shrewsbury Virtual Flower Show

This year would have been the 133rd Shrewsbury Flower Show, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it, like most other events, has been cancelled.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, Shropshire Horticultural Society – led by the Chair of the Marketing Sub committee, Amanda Jones, will instead hold a ‘virtual’ event between 12 noon and 8pm on Friday 14 & Saturday 15 August. The Shrewsbury Virtual Flower Show!

Penny MeadmoreThe event will run on the Shrewsbury Flower Show social media pages, predominately on the main Facebook page and YouTube. Links to videos, photographs and competition results will also feature on the show’s website.

Those who are less familiar with social media channels are being encouraged to ask relatives or neighbours to help them access the event.

Amanda said “It would be a shame to just do nothing on those two days in August. Having posted a comment on Facebook to see whether people would be interested, the feedback was positive and so it inspired me to see what we could come up with.”

“We’re holding some of our typical competitions found in the Severn & Dingle Marquees, for children, along with a colouring competition kindly sponsored by Scribble Inc. Entry is easy and prizes wil linclude free entry to classes and the next Shrewsbury Flower Show. Full details can be found on the above web page as well as our social media, and entries close 1 August 2020.”

“The event has already generated some terrific interest from some of the show’s regular exhibitors and traders, some of whom are offering discounts. These businesses will feature throughout the two days as well as on the website.”

Amanda says support is really positive with the 2019 celebrity gardener David Domoney, and Penny Meadmore, who was due to be at the show this year-having been in 2017 & 2018, joining Margaret Thrower and Alan Wilding for a ‘free to join’ live Zoom Gardeners Q&A – details of which can be found on the website and social media channels.

Local chefs James Sherwin, Chris Burt, Paul Crowe and mixologist James Hitchen have already been video’d putting together culinary delicacies and mixing amazing cocktails.

David DomoneyA popular band with locals-The Christians, who headlined the show a number of years ago, have provided a personal message along with a couple of lockdown tracks. Footlights Dance School have kindly shared some of their recent performances, and we have a montage of photographs overlaid with singing from Of One Accord.

Amanda added “We are still fine tuning the itinerary for the two days, those interested should keep an eye on our Facebook page so they don’t miss out.”

Check out the video and photographs made by Helter Skelter Studios last year!

The Shropshire Microfarm

The Shropshire Microfarm


We run a small family-run microfarm here in Shrewsbury (The Shropshire Microfarm), producing specialist ingredients for some of the best restaurants in Shropshire. One ingredient is microgreens – a young vegetable that is harvested approximately 2 weeks after it is planted. They have amazing nutritional value, an intense flavour and because they are so fresh they last a really long time compared to your usual salad from the supermarket!

We offer a weekly or fortnightly (no contact!) delivery consisting of :
????1 Bag of Tendril Pea shoots
????1 Large Box of Microgreen Mix
????2 smaller boxes of separate Microgreens (This will change week to week)
The price would be £10 which includes free delivery to anyone living in SY1, SY2 or SY3.

To give people the chance to try before they buy, we’d like to offer a FREE microgreen mixed box this weekend for the first 20 people in Frankwell who get in touch. If you’d like to get this free taster box, or have any questions, then simply message us on our Facebook page ????

We look forward to hearing from you!

With many thanks,

Bridget and Paul

Frankwell Advent Windows – The Grand Finale

And so it is Christmas – Tim Vasby-Burnie’s Advent Window project has been a resounding success, today’s grand-finale featured a brass band, carols, a crowd of nearly 200 people and a tour of all the 24 funky Frank well businesses that flexed their creativity and produced such a brilliant celebration of peace love and understanding to finish off the year.

Check out the story.

Septimus the Giant

Septimus the Giant

Frankwell’s Helter Skelter Studios have been working with Thingumajig Theatre and Shrewsbury Morris on a project called Septimus the Giant. The project has been funded by the Arts Council and will deliver two films and a series of performances featuring Septimus and the Shrewsbury Morris celebrating the story of the Shrewsbury Cobbler.

The giant has been built under the expert tutelage of Thingumajig Theatre in Leighton Village Hall, enthusiastically assisted by members of the public who have discovered skills they never knew they had – to be fair, most people have never created a giant clog!

The workshops have been filmed and photographed by Helter Skelter Studios and the upcoming performance on Sunday 29 September in the Square, Shrewsbury will be filmed too. Come and join in the fun at 11am – 2pm Septimus the Giant, clog dancing, music and Morris dancers – it will be awesome!