The Shropshire Microfarm


We run a small family-run microfarm here in Shrewsbury (The Shropshire Microfarm), producing specialist ingredients for some of the best restaurants in Shropshire. One ingredient is microgreens – a young vegetable that is harvested approximately 2 weeks after it is planted. They have amazing nutritional value, an intense flavour and because they are so fresh they last a really long time compared to your usual salad from the supermarket!

We offer a weekly or fortnightly (no contact!) delivery consisting of :
????1 Bag of Tendril Pea shoots
????1 Large Box of Microgreen Mix
????2 smaller boxes of separate Microgreens (This will change week to week)
The price would be £10 which includes free delivery to anyone living in SY1, SY2 or SY3.

To give people the chance to try before they buy, we’d like to offer a FREE microgreen mixed box this weekend for the first 20 people in Frankwell who get in touch. If you’d like to get this free taster box, or have any questions, then simply message us on our Facebook page ????

We look forward to hearing from you!

With many thanks,

Bridget and Paul

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